The Story of Pulavar Poyyamozhi

A poet in South India by name Poyyamozhi Pulavar or Siva Kavi had intense devotion for Lord Siva, and refused to sing the glory of Lord Shanmukha, stating he would sing on cock (Siva), not on chicken (Murugan). 'சேவலை பாடும் வாயால் கோழிக்குஞ்சை நான் பாடுவேனோ '

The Lord wanted to protect him and so took the form of a hunter and chased the poet. When the latter pleaded for relief, the hunter asked him to sing on him. The poet asked for his name. The hunter said it was 'egg' (muttai).

எழுபிறவி — JR விளக்கவுரை

By Smt Janaki Ramanan, Pune To read the meaning of the song muttup pattu ( எழுபிறவி ) in English, click the underlined hyperlink. முன...

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