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Friday, 5 May 2017

Thiruvilaiyadal in Thiruppugazh–Part 2

Continuing the part 1 of Thiruvilaiyadal in Thiruppugazh, we discuss a few more divine sports of Shiva as described in the Thiruvilaiyadal Puranam.

  1. Shiva defeats Kali in a dance contest. SivA performs Oordhwa ThAndavam to pick up the bejewelled crown that He throws into the sky and picks it up with his toes and makes the fierce and valorous Bhadra Kali bashful with embarrassment (because she could not compete in dance with SivA)

    • From the song vetha verpile
      காதும் உக்ர வீர பத்ர காளி வெட்க மகுடம் ஆகாசம் முட்ட வீசி விட்ட காலர்

    • From the song thalaivali maruththeedu
      மாகாளி நாணமுனம் அவைதனில் நடித்தோனை

  2. Mother Parvati breast feeding the infant Sambanthan. This is referred to in

    • ezhugu nirai nabhi
      இறைவியெனு மாதி பரைமுலையி னூறி
      யெழுமமிர்த நாறு   கனிவாயா

    • and in the thiruvArUr Thiruppugazh pAlO thEnO palavuRu
      ஊனோடு உருகிய மகன் உண அருள் ஞானப் பாலோ

  3. Manickavasagar, one of the 63 nayanmars, was a minister to the 9th century Pandya king Varagunavarman II, also called Arimarthana Pandiyan. The king once entrusted him with a large amount of money to purchase horses for his cavalry. On his way he met an ascetic, who in fact was Siva himself. Manikkavasakar received enlightenment, and used the money to build the temple of Siva in Tirupperunturai. When it was time to produce the steeds before the king, Manickavasagar took refuge under his lord, Shiva. The lord disguised Himself as the horse-keeper, transformed jackals into horses and presented them to the king. At night, the horses turned into jackals once again. Angered, the king imprisoned Manickavasagar. Lord Shiva then caused a flash flood to occur in the Vaigai river and made the king realize the greatness of Manickavasagar.
    Thiruppugazh reference to this event occurs in

    • the song thirai vanja
      பரியென்ப நரிகள்தமை நடனங்கொ டொருவழுதி
      பரிதுஞ்ச வருமதுரை  நடராஜன்
      பழியஞ்சி யெனதருகி லுறைபுண்ட ரிகவடிவ
      பவளஞ்சொ லுமைகொழுந  னருள்பாலா
    • the song karimuga kadakaLiR refers to the event in the following lines:
      நரிமிகுக் கிளைகளைப் பரியெனக் கடிவளக்
      கையில்பிடித் தெதிர்நடத்  திடுமீசன்

  4. Next Thiruvilaiyadal is about Ugra Pandiyan who curbs Mount Meru's arrogance by striking the mountain with chendu. When Murugan incarnated as PANdiya King, Ugra Pandiyan, there was an unprecedented famine in Madhurai. In order to bring gold from Mount Meru, the King went up to the mount and prayed. As the mount was not yielding the gold, the King was enraged and wielded his spear upon it and obtained gold.

    • The song kanagam thiral
      கனகந்திரள் கின்றபெ ருங்கிரி
      தனில்வந்துத கன்தகன் என்றிடு
      கதிர்மிஞ்சிய செண்டைஎ றிந்திடு  கதியோனே
    • ...and in pANikku
      ஆணிப்பொற் ப்ரதாப மேருவை வேலிட்டுக் கடாவி வாசவன் ஆபத்தைக் கெடா

We need another post to complete the list of thiruvilaiyadals mentioned in the Thiruppugazh songs that Guruji Shri A.S.Raghavan taught us.

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